Cat Smith

Hair & Makeup Artist
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If you could own any work of art in the world, painting, photograph, sculpture or installation – what would it be?

I would love to own Brett Whiteley’s Matchsticks sculpture that lives near the Art gallery of NSW.

How would you spend the day if the world was ending tomorrow?

I would hang out with my Chihuahua and loved ones, drink wine, eat, gossip and laugh.

Your best and/or worst meals ever

Best meal - authentic Russian food in Moscow

Worst meal - an uncooked chicken dish (when I still ate meat) from a Nepalese restaurant.

Is there a novel, play, film script or poem you wish you’d written?

Can’t think of anything sorry!

Where might your fantasy road trip take you?

I would love to do (and will do some day) the Aussie outback and go across the USA in a camper van!

While usually too few to mention, any regrets?

 I don’t believe in regrets!

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